Dominic Cummings nearly bared his arse to the world – the only 5 cheeky takedowns you need

It’s what’s on the inside that matters, so we’d never say that the way someone dresses is a mark of their ability to work as an unelected bureaucrat with a suspiciously broad remit, but this clip of Dominic Cummings raises some questions.

Has he not heard of reusable cups?

What’s the point of having a belt if you’re going to let your trousers fly at half mast?

These five reactions say it more eloquently than we could.






Liverpool Echo Political Editor Liam Thorp may have hit on the real reason.

Perhaps not; we can’t quite imagine Cummings doing something as harmless as socialising.


Dominic Cummings has begun his civil service shake-up with a bizarre ad – 11 stunned reactions

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