5 hilarious responses to one man’s outrage about halal bread

Warburtons have added a halal certification sign to their bread packaging, causing almost as much of an outcry as Gregg’s have kicked off by releasing a vegan steak bake.

The labelling now sits alongside symbols that show the bread is kosher and vegetarian-friendly, but those things don’t seem to have upset people quite as much, which is an absolute mystery.


A perfect example of the response is this hot take from someone controversially named @people_paul – a self-declared supporter of Trump, Johnson and Brexit, who claims to be “talking common sense to a messed up world”.

His tweet certainly attracted a lot of attention, much of it along the lines of out-and-out mockery. These five comments particularly stood out.






Somebody gave Paul some food for thought, potentially conflicting thought for a Boris Johnson fan like himself.

Source Twitter Image Paul Thompson, Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash