The reviews are in and the new Cats film is rubbing people up the wrong way

The film adaptation of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical, CATS!, hasn’t exactly been the subject of high expectations, with both trailers being almost universally panned. Even with that caveat, the reviews are not good – not good at all.

Some highlights, or lowlights, of the Telegraph‘s zero-star review include:

“the only realistic way to fix Cats would be to spay it,”

“What worked in the round off Drury Lane in 1981 – a suspension of disbelief, with the whole cast pirouetting in cat-suits – has been converted into a computer-aided hellscape so off-putting you may suspect eye failure.”

“Plot, too, can’t come to the rescue, because T.S. Eliot’s source poems didn’t provide one.”

Other scathing put-downs include these: