People are enjoying this donut shop’s ‘anti-receipt’ receipt

Back in the day you used to get a receipt with everything you bought – everything – although today more and more shops tend to ask if you want a receipt before printing one out.

Every little helps to save the planet, right?

But just in case you were wondering if you needed a receipt or not, this donut shops explains exactly why you don’t. On the receipt, obviously.

It reminded us of other receipts we’ve known and loved (well, maybe not loved).

This one had a handy parenting tip.

And this one basically acknowledged that you’re going to use it to wipe your hands and face.

And our all-time favourite, a found receipt which suggested a dark afternoon ahead. Very dark.


14 funny, clever and NSFW receipts that must have made paying up a little sweeter

Source Reddit u/GingaNinja4014