Kudos to whoever lives in the only house with no Christmas lights in this road

It’s less than two weeks to Christmas, so if you haven’t started preparing, you’d better get a move on. One of the signs that it’s almost on top of us is the number of houses now emblazoned with twinkling lights, glowing reindeer and inflatable Santas, like this street in New Milton, Hampshire.

We don’t know why number 7 has bucked the trend; perhaps they aren’t Christian, or they’re skint, or just a household of Grinches. They may even be keeping an eye on their carbon footprint.

Whatever their reason, it’s pretty gutsy to be the only one. Here’s what people have been saying about it.

Twitter user @LGamblor cut to the chase.

Sounds about right.


The design of this town’s Christmas lights is unfortunate, very unfortunate

Source Mig Weston Image Courtesy of Jukin Media

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