This kitten’s special move is both highly impressive and totally misjudged

Catfight of the week, no question. And while the little kitty’s special move is undoubtedly impressive, well, have a watch for yourself. And try not to smile while you’re doing it.

‘A classic confrontation,’ says bernardlerenard over on Reddit and it is, it really is.

A classic confrontation from r/gifs

And this is what the pundits made of it.

Matt872000: ‘The smaller one jumped the gun and gave up his move far too early.’

HummingArrow: ‘And jumped too high. More of a lunge would have been effective. Still, I have more respect for those who developed martial arts from the fighting styles of animals, without slo-mo.’

Jufloz: ‘Oh my god he’s broken in half now after that power slam.’


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Source Reddit u/bernardlerenard

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