“Matt Hancock being totally normal with a woman” the only 5 funny reactions you need

In some ways, we’d miss Matt Hancock if he were to lose his seat in the general election, as the hapless Health Secretary is a one-man content generator with his sheer ineptness and Partridge-like behaviour.

We’ve seen “early-morning over-enthusiastic Hancock”, we’ve laughed at “struggling to explain policy Hancock”, and we’ve even marvelled at “trying to spin the PM being a sociopath with no empathy for a sick child Hancock”. This, however, is a whole new Hancock, and it’s pretty special.

We don’t know how many votes that’s going to pull in for Wendy Maisey, if any. Did nobody show him what that looked like before he okayed it to be posted to the internet? These five reactions captured the mood.






Dr Philip Lee asked a question to which we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know the answer.

LA LA LA LA, we’re not listening!


11 hilarious reactions to Matt Hancock’s moody campaign photo

Source SoozUK Image Wendy Maisey

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