Piers Morgan trolled Steve Coogan for talking politics so Hugh Grant gave him both barrels

In an election campaign where the most memorable moments were when something didn’t happen – Boris Johnson failing to show up – at least there was Hugh Grant.

The Four Weddings star was at it again on Twitter on Wednesday after Piers Morgan trolled Steve Coogan for getting involved in politics.

First of all here’s Coogan talking about why he thinks this is such a crucial election.

Morgan wasn’t impressed by what Coogan – or any actor – has to say about it, and naturally went on Twitter to tell everyone.

Which is when Grant got involved and he really did press the button marked ‘both barrels’.

And in case you’re wondering about the detail of what Grant is talking about, here’s the Guardian story all about it.

The actor Nigel Havers has accepted undisclosed damages from Mirror Group Newspapers after its journalists intercepted his voicemails for stories about his grief as he nursed his dying wife.

This is what Morgan, who has always denied any involvement in phone hacking, had to say in response to Grant today.

Grant responded in turn.

So naturally Morgan posted this picture.

Which Grant happily retweeted – with a link to the story about the Nigel Havers’ phone hacking.

And anyway, we can’t help but feel that Grant already owned anyone who did that a little while back.

Unlike the election campaign, this one will run and run.


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