The only 5 reactions you need to the punch that didn’t happen

After Boris Johnson’s disastrous interview with ITV’s Joe Pike, during which he refused to look at a photo of an ill 4-year-old sleeping on a pile of coats in a hospital, Health Secretary Matt Hancock was dispatched to the hospital in question, where members of the public angrily shouted at his cohort.

It would have been nothing more than business as usual for a Tory campaign visit, had there not been widespread reports – boosted by the BBC’s chief political reporter, Laura Kuenssberg and ITV’s Robert Peston – that a member of his team had been punched by a Labour activist.

However, they were forced to dial back on the story after this video surfaced.

Matt Hancock followed up the incident with this complaint.

Naturally, the punch that didn’t happen got a lot of attention, but these five tweets really summed up the shambles.






LBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty reminded people of the little boy and the PM’s reaction.


Boris Johnson put a reporter’s phone in his pocket rather than look at a picture of a sick 4 y/o on a hospital floor – only 5 responses you need

Source Twitter Image Laura Kuenssberg