This customer didn’t want their tattoo done by an ex-prisoner and the response is perfect

We don’t know what their tattoo would have looked like but the tattooist’s response to this customer’s request is a thing of beauty,

They had booked in for a consultation but changed their mind when they found out the person doing the consulting had been in prison.

And here’s what happened.

And here are just some of the things people were saying about it after it was shared by Redditor ProfessorTigah.

LiccFlair: ‘The best tattoo artists I know have been to prison lol.’

vociferousdragon: ‘10% inconvenience fee lmao I’m going to be laughing about that all week.’

insideoutpotato: ‘Such a well written response. Very satisfying.’


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Source Reddit u/ProfessahTigah Image Pixabay