Simply 10 times Piers Morgan was brutally owned in 2019

It’s that time of year when everyone’s doing end of year retrospectives, but few will be quite so satisfying as a look back at those occasions when Piers Morgan was beautifully, satisfyingly, devastatingly owned (delete as appropriate).

Here are 10 of our favourites.

1. When Gary Lineker did this

2. When Adam Hills told him this on Good Morning Britain

3. When actor Reese Dinsdale did this

4. When he retweeted this chap …

… and the great Nick Harvey did this.

5. When he mocked Nish Kumar

6. When he trolled Meghan Markle and his breakfast TV rival Dan Walker did this

7. When he tried to humiliate this Love Island contestant and this happened

Douche Piers Morgan tries to humiliate his guest and it backfires hilariously from r/instantkarma

8. When Richard Herring replied on behalf of this chap

9. When Vinnie Jones said this about him at the Oscars

10. When he was owned by a vegan sausage roll

While we’re here, remember when he experienced the ‘pain of childbirth’?


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