A delivery man’s reaction to a kind gesture has gone viral because it’s simply adorable

As people work their way through Christmas gift lists, the amount of deliveries to homes skyrockets, with workers even more rushed than usual. One very kind woman, Kathy Ouma, decided to do a little something for the stressed delivery people, with some free snacks and drinks.

When delivery driver Karim Earl Reed III spotted the goodies, he had the best reaction, and Kathy shared a recording of it.

Thanks to Kathy’s ring.com system, there’s a second angle.

It’s the festive spirit in one short clip – the generosity of Kathy and Karim’s joy. These are the treats that made his day:

When @flowerhunni posted the clip to Twitter, it went viral, with 142,000 retweets and rising after only two days.

This is how people have been reacting to Kathy’s gesture and Karim’s reaction.

Twitter user @jmoreyyyno had this message.

Source Facebook Image Kathy Ouma