Am I the asshole for pretending to get fired when customers get a temper with me?

Over on Reddit, there’s a very useful facility where people post their story and readers can vote on whether the person is an asshole for doing whatever they’ve done. In a very logical move, it’s called “Am I the Asshole?” or AITA, for short. One of those anecdotes made its way onto Bored Panda, and we think it might just be a work of genius.

This is where it gets really brilliant.

And a strategy was born.

But this is where the need for “Am I the Asshole?” came in.

This is the key for understanding who thinks the barista is an asshole and who doesn’t.

And these are a few of the reactions from Redditors.

Not everybody was on their side, however.

Overall, though, the judgement was *fanfare* NOT THE ASSHOLE – and we wholeheartedly agree.

Source Reddit H/T Bored Panda Image Bored Panda @jtylernix on Unsplash