Trump said he doesn’t know why people think he’s interested in the US – 6 scathing memory joggers

Donald Trump is in London for NATO summit, as we can all see from the excited crowds.

Naturally, he has been asked whether the US would want any involvement in the NHS under a future trade deal – something of a political hot potato at the moment. This is what he said:

The only problem with that is that somebody from the US said that everything – including the NHS – would be “on the table” during trade talks, and that somebody was *checks notes* Donald Trump.

These six reactions absolutely nailed why there may still be a problem.







Boris Johnson parody account, @BorisJohnson_MP admitted he was inspired by the presence of his friend from across the pond.

Time for a tea girl strike.

Source: Sky News, Twitter Image: Sky News, Icma1028 on Unsplash, Twitter

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