Piers Morgan mocked Nish Kumar after he was booed at a charity gig and his comeback was brutal

Nish Kumar, as you have probably seen by now, had a bit of a difficult time at the Lord’s Taverners’ annual charity cricket lunch.

The comedian was booed and had bread thrown at him by audience members who weren’t overly keen on his jokes about Brexit and former Commons speaker John Bercow (who was in the audience).

Piers Morgan saw the opportunity for a bit of point-scoring – surely not! – so he said this on Twitter.

And we’re very glad he did, because it gave Kumar the opportunity to say this.


Here’s what Kumar later told the Guardian about the whole thing.

“I made what I considered to be some extremely mild jokes about Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, Theresa May and the Brexit process for not going well … I sort of knew what I was doing and I knew the risk. They were more easily offended than I thought they would be. I would like to apologise if I triggered any of them.”

At one point he told audience: ‘I should have known this would happen when I agreed to do a set in front of people who colonised my ancestors’

And one man shouted back: ‘That was ages ago’

But back to Morgan, who later tried a comeback of his own, but it was bows and arrows against laser beams.

Last word to Kumar.


Nish Kumar had the perfect response after a charity gig didn’t go entirely to plan