When this guy was trusted to go solo Christmas tree shopping he pranked his wife into regretting it

With Christmas almost upon us, people are getting serious about their preparation, with lists hastily scribbled, shopping trips booked and, of course, trees and decorations going up all over the place. As Bored Panda reported, one sneaky husband took the opportunity to prank his wife when he went to select the tree alone.

Imgur user eeplesandbaneenees85 shared a text conversation showing how he fooled his wife, making her believe he’d bought a tree that was far too big for their home.

Imgur users had their own tree stories.

My dad actually got a tree like this once. It was about a foot taller than our ceiling. Scraped the shit out of it

It looks like a sad sorting hat

We actually did this one year to match our ugly sweater theme. 14′ tree in 10′ ceiling. Dad used a coat hanger to hold it bent.

Perhaps eeplesandbaneenees85 should watch his back.

I would’ve been SO MAD. Retaliation inevitable.

Source: Imgur H/T: Bored Panda Image: Imgur