The UKIP leader’s car crash interview with Adam Boulton was so bad we don’t know where to start

Nigel Farage’s old party, UKIP, launched their manifesto today and their leader Pat Mountain – no, us neither – was on Adam Boulton’s Sky News show to talk all about it.

And she knew so little about its policies it was tempting to assume they’d picked up the wrong person from reception.

But no. This really is the leader of UKIP. And she really did say all this.

1. On their key election battlegrounds

2. On their policies

3. On accusations of racism

4. On whether her party has any black candidates

5. And last but not least, on Brexit (listen to Bolton’s responses)

And just a few things people were saying about it.

Bring back Nigel Farage, all is f … no, of course not.


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H/T Indy100