We get it, Tesco – you own a thesaurus

It’s very helpful when supermarkets label their greetings cards sections so you can find the type you’re looking for straight away. It saves having to wade through the “Congratulations, you’ve got a new house” cards that are now obsolete, as well as the 4000 cards for 7-year-old that suggest boys like superheroes and girls like glittery unicorns, when actually, both of them really like the money you’re putting in the envelope and don’t care about the picture.

Over on Twitter, retail expert Steve Dresser shared a sign from Tesco, who might just have gone over the top.

If ever a shop wanted to prove it owns a thesaurus …

We really liked these five funny responses.






Inevitably, this happened.

Grandma’s going to be piiiissed!

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Source: Steve Dresser, Twitter, Image: Steve Dresser, @simplelovelyuseful on Unsplash