There were some Great British takedowns of the American lawyer who said this about the London Bridge attack

David Wohl is a ‘high profile defence attorney’ and a ‘2016 campaign surrogate for Donald Trump’.

He is also the man who thought it would be a good idea to weigh in on the London Bridge terrorist attack in which two people died, by saying this.

And there was plenty to take away from his tweet, which prompted a huge response, mostly from Brits who were only too happy to share their thoughts on what he had to say.

These 5 pretty much nail what they had to say.






But if you prefer your responses NSFW, then there was also this, which we include because, well, because it was just so popular.

And there was also this, after one of the responses was shared on Reddit.

Adhi_Sekar: ‘Unarmed Londoners, of course not? They had Narwhal tusks, fire extinguishers and huge balls of steel.’

Our thoughts go to the family and friends of all those affected in Friday’s attack.


There were some Great British Replies™ to this dumb comment about gun control

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