Captain Picard “singing” Let It Snow has gone viral all over again – and it’s just glorious

We have the greatest of respect for people who save their Christmas celebrations until it’s actually within touching distance, as opposed to those who stick a “Santa Stop Here” sign on the lawn at the first sign of a bit of tinsel in the shops. Actor and journalist, @markeiamccarty, is clearly one of the good sort, because she waited until it was almost December to post one of the best things ever to grace the internet.

Although it’s been around for six years, we can never get tired of it, and neither can these people.

This inside information made it even better – unbelievable, we know.

Writer and star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney had this simple, yet eloquent reaction.

We agree.

Source: James Covenant H/T: @makeiamccarty Image: James Covenant/Star Trek, Twitter