The only 5 killer responses you need to Matt Hancock’s disastrous hustings

Things have been difficult for the Conservatives on the general election campaign trail recently, as their attempts to film nice safe meet-and-greets with compliant factory workers, nurses and members of the public have been met with tough questions and loud booing.

When Matt Hancock attended a hustings in his constituency of West Suffolk, his speech on Tory plans was met with jeers, before loud booing and accusations of lying greeted his reference to Labour antisemitism.

Hancock: There’s one thing that I’m more passionate about ridding from our politics than anything else.

Audience member: Honesty?

These five reactions perfectly captured Twitter’s general attitude to the clip.






Graham Lithgow was moved by the video to retract a previous insult.

Although, ‘Matt Hancock’s Monkey Tennis’ could be a massive Saturday night hit.

Source: @koollondonOS, Twitter, Image: @koollondonOS, Twitter

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