This bride’s parents turned up late so she started the ceremony without them and it’s fair to say they weren’t happy

This bride’s big day had a bitter aftertaste after her parents turned up late so she started the ceremony without them.

It wasn’t a very long ceremony and they ended up missing the whole thing, and now she’s worried she might not have done the right thing.

So naturally she went on Reddit to ask what they made of it.

And to the question ‘Am I The Asshole?’ the answer was a resounding ‘No, you are not the asshole’.

Queens_BigBoi: ‘NAH – you’re not an asshole for starting on time, you had no idea how late they would be. (however I’ve not been to too many weddings but they did last over 15 mins seemed a bit short but that’s not really the issue.) Your parents aren’t asshoels because they were literally in a car crash albeit not huge but this is a legitimate reason to be late to any event. Yes your parents should get cellphones and it would of helped your timing of the event. Yes they will be upset that they missed potentially one of the biggest moments in your life but no one in this situation is an asshole.

*Edit spelling – however I do think a cat crash does sound super cute

*Edit 2 – apparently non religious weddings don’t take too long, thank you for informing me reddit ๐Ÿ™‚ The only weddings I’ve been too was ones when I was young and were religious these seem to take longer.’

FKDotFitzgerald: ‘Sounds like your parents are TA for not having cell phones in 2019.’

xbaconbearx: ‘NAH. It sucks they were rear ended. They made an effort to be there, but life got in the way. You also couldn’t wait forever. Sure, maybe 15 minutes wouldn’t be so bad, but where do you draw the line?’


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