Dad banned his mother-in-law from Christmas after she upset his daughter and the internet’s on his side

One of the joys of Christmas – and we use that in its widest possible sense – is that you get to spend so much time with your in-laws, right? Especially if you’re married.

Anyway, it’s not always entirely a pleasure, obviously.

And this dad simply had enough of his mother-in-law’s unacceptable behaviour after she made his daughter cry so decided to ban her from Christmas.

But he still had his doubts so he went on Reddit to check if he was doing the right thing. AKA ‘Am I The Asshole?’ This is what he had to say.

And the internet was pretty much united.

keyome1990: ‘I think once your in a marriage every decision has to be a joint one, even if that means on of you has to compromise. I think “putting your foot down” and ignoring how your wife feels about the situation is an AH move. You’re not the AH for not wanting your MIL there, but you and your wife need to have better communication about this.’

claustrofucked: ‘I think this goes out the window a bit when the family member in question is trying to cause damage to his relationship with his kids and his kids psychological well being in general. They’re going to start associating holidays with grandma being a giant asshole if they haven’t already and that’s not okay. If OP’s wife refuses to police her mother’s behavior not allowing her around at all is justified.’

Duckiiee96: ‘NTA. But u should expect more drama in the future by choosing not to invite her.’

Asshole Aficionado: ‘NTA Your wife shouldn’t be choosing her mother over her own family. How is she ok with her mother’s rudeness and cruelty to her own children? She should be telling her mother that her behaviour is not acceptable if she wants to be welcome.’


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