This bridezilla wanted the best man cut out of the photos because she thinks he’s ugly

There’s probably enough to stress about planning your wedding – no, scrap that, there is DEFINITELY enough to stress about planning your wedding – without thinking what the best man will look like in your photos.

Except this entitled bridezilla just couldn’t stop thinking how much her husband’s best man would ruin her photos because he didn’t match her vision of what a best man should look like.

Not tall enough, not nice enough teeth, that sort of thing.

She was so worried it was going to ruin her big day that she went on Facebook looking for sympathy and support. Except when it was subsequently shared on Reddit, that isn’t exactly what she got.

So much to enjoy there. And here’s exactly what people made of that.

Matttaay2410: ‘She called off the wedding? Good, seems like Mr groom dodged a bullet on that one.’

79Binder: ‘Bullet hell, a 155 mm howitzer shell!’

mp9875: ‘I want to see the 78 Comments. This is insane but I REALLY want to see if the shallow ppl back this train wreck or if there is sanity in her world.’

OldMuley: ‘Beauty may be skin deep, but her ugly goes all the way to the bone.’


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