Andrea Leadsom appeared not to know where money comes from – only 4 replies you need

Away from everything else that’s going on right now, we’ve had a check and yes, there is still an election happening.

Which brings us to one-time Tory leader wannabe Andrea Leadsom who was on Radio 4 today talking to the Today programme’s Nick Robinson. We only mention this because she appeared to struggle with the concept of money.

You know, money. Brass. Hard cash. The folding stuff.

It began when Robinson quizzed her about Tory plans for business rates and local council spending.

Nick Robinson: ‘So, it’s quite simple, isn’t it? Council spending goes up or council spending has to go down or you have to put up the taxes of the rest of us if you are actually going to reduce business rates.’

Andrea Leadsom: ‘Well, those aren’t the options that are necessarily open …’

NR: ‘Sure but you say that some businesses will pay more so that those high street businesses will pay less.’

AL: ‘You’re assuming that money comes from somewhere. What I’m trying to explain to you is that since our headline reduction in the rate of corporation tax the HMRC’s tax intake has actually increased by something like 45 per cent.’

And it’s this bit that caught people’s attention.

“You’re assuming that money comes from somewhere.”

There was no shortage of comment online but these 4 replies are pretty much all you need.


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