This entitled son is mad at his mother for only buying him a cake for his 30th birthday

This chap’s about to turn 30 and he’s not happy about it. Not because he’s one year closer to the end that awaits us all – sorry, bit distracted there – but because his mum’s only going to buy him a cake. On his birthday!

It’s the little details that make it in the exchange shared by Redditor badowee who says: ‘My THIRTY YEAR OLD brother and all his gratitude for the cake our mom promised to make for his birthday.’

A year’s worth of therapy right there, beginning with a couple of months on the shoes with the too long laces.

Oh, and the bit about it not being a present if it’s a necessity. That’s bad luck coz next year she was going to buy him a house.

simplplan540: ‘This is actually hilarious. I have never once heard someone complain about the length of their shoelaces lmao. Thirty and upset his mom didn’t buy him a season of Big Bang Theory. That’s impressive.’

LarryKingsScrotum: ‘I wonder if he’d be shocked by the revelation that shoelaces are interchangeable.’

IfeedI: ‘Sounds like the clown shoes fit.’


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Source Reddit u/badowee