This guy gave Starbucks a 1-star review because they refused to reheat his sandwich and it’s very funny

While we’ve occasionally asked for a bit of hot water to liven up our coffee, we have to confess it had never occurred to us to ask someone in Starbucks (or similar) to reheat our sandwich.

Especially when we bought it somewhere else, a whole hour previously.

Anyway this guy did and it’s fair to say he didn’t like their response. He didn’t like it at all.

‘Worst customer service ever!’

And here are just some of the comments it prompted after it was shared by redperson11 on Reddit.

KarateKid1984: ‘If this is the worst customer service experience they’ve ever experienced in their life, then they’ve lived a charmed life.’

Honeyounghyun: ‘The “OFFERED” part is funny to me.’

Aliensarewelcome: ‘Maybe she should have eaten her sandwich while it was still warm in the first place. Expecting a two-for-one because you didn’t eat the first one is ridiculous.’

Well … exactly.


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Source Reddit u/redperson11