‘It’s all fun and games ’til a chimp throws shit at your grandma’

What a chimp! And what a shot!

It’s all fun and games till a chimp throws shit at your grandma (Imgur Lifonaut) from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

‘Goddamn that accuracy,’ said OverthinkingMachine. ‘I was not expecting it to be right on the nose. I thought there were windows there or something…

‘Edit: I watched it a few more times after a few more times and I’m even more amazed. Watch how he eyes his target in the first few seconds of the gif and he keeps his eyes on her as he’s winding up, all the way until the release.

maskdmann: ‘And it’s all done in one fluid motion. Pinnacle of evolutional engineering.’

All zoos should be like this.


The escaped polar bear drill is even better than the one with the lion

Source Reddit u/Le_Radin