The Conservatives’ attempted takedown of Jeremy Corbyn was a glorious self-own – the only 5 comments you need

We can expect the barrage of accusations and counter-accusations between political parties to go on until election day and beyond, but there may not be another as delightfully ironic as this one.

In case you missed the important points, Jeremy Corbyn claimed that the Tories had promised 1,600 new GPs but that numbers had gone down by 500, before correcting himself with the real figures that the promise was 5000, but the numbers had gone down by 1,600 – which is obviously far worse. He signed off the piece with a cheery “It’s only a nought.”

What possessed the Conservatives to share the clip as a means of embarrassing Jeremy Corbyn, when they come out of it looking so bad, is a mystery. Burning yourself to own the Libs – classic Dom.

Here are a few other takes on the bizarre self-own.






Labour candidate, Jess Phillips addressed the Conservatives directly.

That’s them told.

Source: Reuters via Conservatives Image: Reuters and Twitter screengrabs

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