Laura Kuenssberg tried to explain sh*tposting and it all went down the pan

BBC Sounds posted a brief clip in which its political correspondent Laura Kuenssberg explained to Media Editor Amol Rajan the meaning of the word “shitposting” …

There was one slight problem:

The term actually refers to blasting masses of low quality, non-fact-checked nonsense and memes – “shit”, if you will – into the internet space of a topic so that a lot of noise is created around the subject, and if you look it up in a dictionary, it just says “See: #MAGA”.

The clip had the shit kicked out of it.







When Guardian Media Editor Jim Waterson commented, Laura Kuenssberg disagreed with his assessment.

To help her out, people posted examples, including this one from Loki Belmont.

RIP her mentions.

Source: BBC Sounds, Twitter Image: BBC Sounds, Twitter