This must be the funniest possible reaction to Gabriel Jesus’ terrible penalty kick

As well as struggling to match up to an on-form Liverpool in the Premier League, Manchester City had a bit of a disappointment in the Champions League on Wednesday, ending up with a 1-1 draw against Atalanta, in spite of the golden opportunity of a penalty taken by Gabriel Jesus. When the Brazilian striker fluffed the spot kick, Gary Lineker didn’t sugar coat his reaction.

It wasn’t the pundit’s takedown that made the moment special, but this defence of the Man City player from the ever-funny Dai Lama.

Now, that’s a shot on target. Although Dai Lama gets to lift the trophy, his fellow Twitter essential, @twlldun came close to taking the title with this:

They think it’s all over …it is now.

Source: Twitter Image:, BBC Sport Twitter