Nadhim Zahawi claimed not to know whether Jeremy Corbyn would have the rich shot – 7 stunned responses

We wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the Tories have been briefed to try and do the worst possible thing for their electoral chances, working on the premise that what worked for Trump will work for Britain Trump. Certainly, the insult to the Grenfell victims, doubling down on that insult, the couching of Corbyn as a Stalinist, doctoring a video of Keir Starmer and being empty chaired by Kay Burley were all a pretty catastrophic start, then along came Nadhim Zahawi …

For the reference of any of the hundreds of Conservative candidates who are doubtless reading this for tips, the answer to whether your opponents want to have rich people shot is “No.” Every. Single. Time.

The clip picked up thousands of views, and almost as many incredulous reactions. These were the best we saw.








If you’ve ever wondered what cognitive dissonance looks like in action, your wait is over, as this is Nadine Dorries’ assessment of the interview.

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

George Orwell

Source: BBC, Twitter, Image: BBC, Twitter

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