Boris Johnson had to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament – four right royal burns

Although Parliament was dissolved by the vote of its members, Boris Johnson still had to go and visit the Queen for her to make it official. It must have been a bit of a squeaky-bum moment for him, as he’d lied to her to prorogue Parliament, had that found unlawful by the courts, and then made her read a speech he clearly had no intention of honouring. He almost certainly didn’t get to use the good china.

He shared the historic moment with Twitter.

These four clapbacks captured the wider attitude of Twitter in the best way possible.





LBC presenter, Shelagh Fogarty, suggested a topic for small talk.

But Labour’s David Lammy simply had some excellent legal advice.

from Chris Pratt GIFs via Gfycat

Source: Boris Johnson, Twitter, Image: Boris Johnson, The Telegraph on YouTube, Twitter

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