This video of how (and how fast) the planets in our solar system rotate is a nerdy delight

We rather like this video of how (and how fast) the various planets in our solar system rotate. Behold – Uranus!

Relative rotation rates and axial tilts of (the only) mapped planets and dwarf planets, at 10hours/sec [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

And it wasn’t only Uranus that caught people’s eye.

kethian: ‘holy hell Jupiter is hauling ass… is there a reason Venus barely spins… and spins the opposite way of every other major planet?’

2fuzz714: ‘I was impressed with Jupiter’s speed. So I looked up its circumference and found it’s moving at 27,500 mph at its equator. Pretty fast.’

Lofskrif: ‘Venus got beat up back in the day, which knocked it over. So it spins super slow now.
Edit: some folks have let me know the Venus tilt has a second more popular theory, I’ve summed it up below.
Venus is bloated and slow like it’s on the couch after a $5 all you can eat Chinese buffet.’

And then there was this fascinating fact, which must be true because we remember Brian Cox saying it.

AEROK13: ‘Venus’s year is shorter than its day.’


This real-time video illustrating how long it takes light to travel from the sun is mind-blowing stuff

Source Reddit u/physicsJ

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