This American was totally confused by the concept of buying something from the UK

Spare a thought for this American chap who was totally confused the concept of buying something from the UK. It turned out the exchange rate – we’re hazarding a guess he hasn’t been overseas too often – was only a part of it.

Well, it’s one way of trying to get a discount.

‘American kid expects discount from a UK seller as an apology for the American Revolution said Darkhawk245 who shared it on Reddit.

He didn’t get a lot of sympathy from his fellow countrymen.

‘Yup thanks for making my country look even more like a joke kid,’ said, er, peanutbutterbuttplug.

Yung_Onions seems to capture the whole thing very well.

“didn’t know exchanging existed.”

‘Ladies and gentlemen we have an idiot.’


Richard Osman’s been explaining stuff to Americans and it prompted lots of funny replies

Source Reddit u/Darkhawk245

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