This man ruined the 32nd birthday joke his wife had been saving up for years and she was furious

Over on Reddit a chap called cleetus12 has told how he absolutely infuriated his wife by doing the 32nd birthday joke she’d been looking forward to for years.

It’s a very funny tale (and it took us far too long to get the gag).

She’ll just have to wait until he’s 42.

And here are just some of the comments it prompted.

vanthelue: ‘She has ten years til she can redeem herself and you have ten years til you can crush her dreams all over again.’

onyxonix: ‘I had to say the joke out loud to understand it.’

Captinahole: ‘Setting alarm for my 52, 62 and 72 birthdays right now.’

nuclearrwessels: ‘Not too optimistic for 82?’

gwfin: ‘I just came to say that it’s really cute that she MADE A CALENDAR EVENT TO REMIND HERSELF ABOUT THE JOKE.’


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Source Reddit u/cleetus12