A couple cancelled their wedding but kept all the money they’d been given and got entirely the responses they deserved

We’re guessing it’s not entirely out of the ordinary for a couple to cancel their wedding with only a few weeks’ notice. There can, after all, be lots of reasons why it might be wise to postpone the nuptials for a bit.

But what made this postponement unusual was the couple’s decision to keep all the money they’d been given ahead of the big day and, well, basically spend it. And then re-open the money fund when they’ve got a new date at some point in the future.

Here’s what they said on Facebook, shared by Redditor joyeuxanniversaire1.

And if you thought the guests would be right pissed off with that, then you’d be right.

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Here are our favourite things people were saying about it on Reddit.

TypicalPrototype4: I’m actually speechless. Spending 30k on a honeymoon for a wedding that got cancelled? Wooooow

SerrateAndDominate: ‘Somebody should break the news to her: it ain’t a honeymoon if there isn’t a wedding.’

Vigilante17: ‘Not cancelled, NOT CANCELLED! Calm down, they are reopening the money fund.’

tresbienaureviour: ‘This is completely insane. “Thanks for the crazy amount of money specifically for our wedding! We’ve decided we’re gonna do something else with it and have the wedding some other time BUT HERE’S SOME DETAILS IF YOU WANT TO GIVE US MORE FREE SHIT” like what the ACTUAL fuck??’

foxisntcrazy: ‘”After we regain financial stability” …. how did 30k not do that and you can still afford a honeymoon? No one is comin to your wedding, honey.’

Source Reddit u/joyeuxanniversaire1


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