A Love Island contestant was accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ and this comeback is worth appropriating

At the risk of coming across as an old fuddy duddy (or someone who doesn’t watch ITV2) we hadn’t heard of Molly-Mae Hague until today.

The – Google, Google – Love Island contestant was accused of cultural appropriation after dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween in a picture she shared on Instagram.

(via Instagram)

And her Instagram followers – well, these followers – weren’t impressed. Far from it, in fact.

‘Love the look but this is cultural appropriation x. … Always loved Molly-Mae’s looks but this is disappointing and unnecessary smh … My culture is not your Halloween costume … Cultural appropriation for Halloween at its finest.’

And this response on Facebook, shared by Redditor pukesmells, is surely the only one you need.

‘Who is offended by this ‘cultural appropriation’ other than Hellenistic Macedonians? Cleopatra spoke mainly Greek and wanted to annex more of Africa and Asia into her Kingdom. It’s like me getting upset over someone from Bangladesh dressing up as William the Conqueror’

Last word to fellow Redditor s_360.

‘No one is offended, but people are angry that someone who they’ve never met in real life is being reported as being offended, and that is the point.’


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Source Reddit u/pukesmells