This greedy boss’s sign is very possibly the worst thing we’ve ever seen

There are plenty of bad bosses out there, and there’s no shortage of crappy signs either.

But there can’t have been too many occasions when such a greedy boss has put up such a shit sign as this, shared by WorriedOrchid on Reddit.

Literally everything about it is wrong.

And just some of the comments it generated on Reddit.

basic-knowledge: ‘No problem boss, my kid has plenty of birthdays. I can skip this one!’

Edensy: ‘”Given the chance to keep working here, I would gladly accept a cut in pay!” Sure boss, why even pay me at all? I love working here!’

TacoDude831: ‘For once i wish my boss(es) would say: Good Job! You were right and I was wrong. Sorry for trying to guilt trip you into working 6 days a week. Sorry for trying to schedule you during your classes and final exams. You shouldn’t have to cover for my favorite employee who is lazy as fuck. Sorry for getting in the way during a lunch rush and blaming you for a mix up I made with orders.’

Ukhupa: ‘LOL! “Why don’t you go home early”? “You aren’t really necessary since all you do is warm a chair and bark commands while we do the actual work that keeps clients happy”.’

jaietDirst: ‘As a self employed man, I say this would be perfect for my workroom.’


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Source Reddit u/WorriedOrchid