Kylie Jenner woke her baby by singing Rise and Shine and the internet lost its sh*t

As part of the ongoing effort by the Kardashian-Jenner clan to invade every part of the media, Kylie Jenner shared a video of the moment she went to wake her baby daughter, Stormi. The clip caused a storm (pun intended) of reactions and copycat videos, but we were really struck by something Radio 1’s Greg James pointed out.

So many questions:

How long had they been in there?

How funny must they have looked sneaking around trying not to wake Stormi?

Would the Kardashians have had them blacklisted if they’d cocked up the clip?

Greg’s comment got other people thinking.

A few other famous faces joined in with the gentle mockery.

Finally, this is an impressive array of famous voices doing the Rise and Shine – but not really.

Source: Kylie Jenner via Greg James and Twitter Image: Kylie jenner via Twitter

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