Boris Johnson said he won’t sell the NHS, so everyone thinks he’ll sell the NHS – the only 4 reactions you need

Perhaps uniquely amongst prime ministers, at least during their term of office, news outlets can state that Boris Johnson is a liar without fear of causing their legal teams to have cardiac arrests. This is because he has been sacked from one job for fabricating quotes from his own godfather, admitted to spending years in another job making up stories about the EU, and has now been found to have misled the Queen over the little prorogation that couldn’t.

It’s therefore fairly reasonable for people to be somewhat sceptical about his political pronouncements, such as this one quoted by that bastion of honesty and reason, Iain Duncan Smith.

It won’t have filled anyone with confidence that the Conservative Party was saying the same thing.

These reactions captured the mood perfectly.





Political sketch writer, Tom Peck, boiled it down to this.

Source: Twitter Image: Telegraph on YouTube screengrabs, Twitter screengrab

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