A ‘science enthusiast’ destroyed this slow-burning miracle with facts and very satisfying it was too

Over on Twitter @kayleecrain__ had a challenge for, well, a challenge for the rest of the world, basically.

If God doesn’t exist, she said (in a since deleted tweet), then how come the alter and the cross remained untouched by the fire that rampaged through Notre Dame cathedral.

And it was the test that @aSciEnthusiast has been waiting for his whole life. Well, a bit of it at least.

Or, to put it another way.

Although Redditor Masked_Death offered up this plot twist.

‘It’s not even that clever. People used to melt iron (~1500°C melting point) with charcoal (1100°C burning temperature). That being said, the cathedral is way too big to act as a crucible to melt the cross, I can’t imagine having the necessary conditions for that.’


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Source Reddit u/screamingpidgeon