Emily Maitlis murdered the ERG’s Steve Baker with words and it’s a glorious watch

We’re very much in favour of journalists going full rottweiler when politicians try to wriggle out of answering perfectly reasonable questions, and few do it as well as Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis. After the Super Saturday sitting went pear-shaped for the government with the passing of the Letwin Amendment, her interview with ERG Chairman, Steve Baker, was a masterclass in taking no shit. Or a Maitlisclass.

It’s not about you, Steve. If you’ll forgive me, it’s about your government.

And it’s a government that has prorogued parliament, that has lied or misled the Queen, and that has consistently, repeatedly said we could be leaving with no deal.

Is it any surprise that they are pushing back at you?”

Somebody call Taggart. There’s been a murder.

People enjoyed seeing the hardline Brexiter being held to account, and had some opinions on his claims to honesty.

MR GBEU had another issue with Baker’s comments.

While DUP parody account, Sammy O’Wilson had a very different learning curve.

Not anymore, he doesn’t.

Source: @BorisJohnson_MP Image: BBC via Twitter

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