Bertrand Russell’s letter to Oswald Mosley shows how to knock back an invitation from a Fascist

The philosopher Bertrand Russell was a pacifist socialist, and as such held completely opposing views to those of the prominent British Fascist, Oswald Mosley. After sending Russell some of his books, Mosley invited him to lunch to discuss their world views, and this is the letter he received in reply.

Now, that’s a shutdown that would make Twitter proud. Consider yourself blocked, Mr. Mosley. The image was shared by publishing director, Simon Prosser, who said this.

And we also got to see the original.

People were impressed by his unequivocal refusal, leaving comments like these.

Not everybody thought steely politeness was the way to go.

Twitter user @craisonline noted the strength of the words.

Can’t argue with that.

Source: Simon Prosser Image: Wikipedia,, Twitter