This guy’s sleep app recorded his farts – and it’s a gas

When Twitter user Fin Costick activated a sleep-recorder app, he probably expected to hear the house settling, the sound of distant traffic or urban foxes, perhaps even the odd cough or mumble. What it actually recorded was …well, listen for yourself.

Yep. It’s farts. Several farts. When Twitter got wind of Fin’s post, it went viral, currently standing at almost 60,000 retweets and more than 3.6 million views – or listens, to be more accurate.

Here are some of the best reactions we’ve seen so far(t).

Fin acknowledged his achievement.

It’s a lot more than that now, obviously.

Finally, we quite like this “scientific” explanation of the phenomenon.

Although, it could be a load of old guff.

Source: @fin_costick Image: Fin Costick, @jpvalery on Unsplash, Twitter screengrab