The so-called logic of this anti-vaxxer went viral because it defies belief

Today’s entry in the anti-vaxxer hall of shame comes this aunty who was understandably worried about her niece. Just not for the reasons you would necessarily imagine.

And our favourite 2 comments after it was shared by Redditor TheSeattleite99.

Immortalking332: ‘My reaction to every single one of these is always initially “They have to be joking” And then I realize they’re not and have an existential crisis.’

brando56894: ‘The real kicker here is “the vitamin k vaccine” as if there is an epidemic of vitamin k disease
its a freaking vitamin shot you absolute moron.’


A very satisfying takedown of this anti-vaxxer mum who can treat her child better than any doctor

Source Reddit Image Unsplash

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