These messages from primary schoolchildren to 40-year-olds are hilariously alarming

All adults seem pretty old when you’re only eight or nine, but it seems that they think 40-year-olds are rapidly approaching death. Twitter user @thenewbrunette shared a couple of messages from Helen Exley’s book “Happy Birthday, You Poor Old Wreck, that show just how decrepit children believe the over-forties really are.

Whilst the middle-aged may not have their health, their strength or much of their life left, they definitely still have their sense of humour.

The post was made even better by this development.

Rita McAlonan, née Monaghan not only wrote the top message, but also managed to survive turning 40, as did Jenny.

Source: @thenewbrunette via @dan_thom Image: Twitter, @jontyson on Unsplash