Martin Clunes’ HIGNFY takedown of Tory MP Mark Francois wins burn of the week

Martin Clunes isn’t the first person to put Brexit-loving Tory MP Mark Francois in his place, but not many people have done it quite so well as Clunes did on Have I Got News For You.

Here is Clunes, presenting Friday night’s edition of the BBC1 panel show, on Francois’s refusal to buy David Cameron’s memoirs.

‘Arch-Tory-eurosceptic, Mark Francois, said he wouldn’t be buying Cameron’s memoirs because ‘I went to the index, I went down to F & looked for my name & it wasn’t there.’

‘Should have looked under C, mate.’

Not the first time Clunes has been the voice of the people. Remember this?


Adam Boulton owned Mark Francois for a stupid comment about Brexit and it’s just glorious

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