A caller tried to set James O’Brien straight on Brexit and it went badly – very badly

We have to take our hats off to any Brexiter brave – or foolhardy – enough to phone James O’Brien on LBC and try to defend the Leave position. Off the top of our heads, the score must be in the ballpark of James O’Brien – 1,820, Brexiters – 0. Yet still they come.

Brexiter, Jim from Heathrow, had several points to put to James, and he had to listen to every one of them being demolished by facts. Here’s how it happened.

Jim: You’ve got the most formidable politicians in the country …

James: Lost to a dolphin once, didn’t he?

We aren’t surprised at his struggle to keep a straight face, but we’re bemused that he hasn’t yet started banging his head on the desk. He made this admission about the exchange.

Karen Hennessy detailed her patient wait, as one of his listeners.

Don’t hold your breath, Karen.

Source: LBC Image: LBC, Twitter, screengrabs

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