Facebook Mum in Holiday Scam Horror!

Karen Smith (39) who, according to her Facebook profile, is a ‘yummy mummy of 3 lickle angles and a profeshional prosecco drinker’ has told us that she’s ‘fewmin’ after falling for a Facebook scam to win a free holiday.

Karen stated that she’d followed the entry requirements on the ‘Thomas Crook Holibobs’ Facebook page by Liking and Sharing the post and then putting the long number from her credit card in the comments section.

Shortly after, to her delight, Karen received a private message informing her that she was the lucky winner and all she had to do to claim her prize was reply with the expiry date and 3 digit number from the back of her credit card.

However, Karen soon became aware something wasn’t quite right when she received a phone call from her bank alerting her that someone had just tried to use her credit card details to spend £2,000 in Sports Direct.

Karen told us that the whole situation has left her feeling ‘totes emosh’.

“I’ve never like been on a holibob to Westeros before and my bestie Fiona was like well jel as she reckons it’s got like a well awesome water park with like really cray cray slides. It would have been like amazeballs to just like chillax on a vaycay with the hubster and my gawjus famalam.”

When asked if she had anything further to say on the matter Karen replied that she “didn’t wanna talk about it, babes.”